General Info

CSZ’s Z-Plus Environmental Test Chambers are designed for ease-of-use, reliability and performance. These chambers may be used for basic thermal cycling testing to accelerated cycling with a variety of sizes and performance packages.

* CSZ EZT-570i Touch Screen Controller is designed to save chamber programming and setup time. Comes standard with data logging, data file access via memory stick or PC, Ethernet control and monitoring, alarm notification via email or phone text message, data file backup system, full system security, online help & voice assistance in multiple languages and more.
* RS-232/485 serial communications and Ethernet connectivity offer a selection of communications options
* EZ-View software allows user to control and monitor up to 20 chambers from any location
* New adjustable product shelves handle large load capacities without tipping. These new slide-out shelves make it easier to access your product.
* Two, 4″ ports are centered on the left and right side of the chamber for ease of cable routing.
* Footprint has been reduced saving valuable floor space in your facility
* External DUT connection allows you to easily power your device under test

CSZ Z-8 Temperature and Humidity Chambers
* Performance packages are available up to 15HP with a selection of three types of cooling systems to meet a variety of performance specifications
* Fog-free viewing window and interior light makes viewing workspace hassle free
* Casters and leveling legs provide easy mobility and flexibility in a variety of laboratory conditions
* Single-handed latch operation and removable side panels allow for easy access to all systems
* Fully welded ports and shelf pilasters eliminate potential leaks, increasing the life of your chamber
* Refrigeration design protects compressors and prolongs life keeping cool during all operating conditions. Refrigeration design uses less power saving operating costs
* An electronic humidity sensor is used on all humidity models for accuracy and minimal maintenance.

• 230l to 1800l capacity
• -73degC to 190degC temperature range
• Single and cascade refrigeration systems
• Temperature and humidity
• Ramp rates to 20degC/min
• Relative humidity range: 10% to 98% (5% to 98% optional)