General Info

The MicroClimate 3 is an upright environmental chamber designed to simulate a full range of temperature and/or humidity conditions. This chamber is designed to provide users with a compact chamber for testing small components and products for a variety of industries. Models available for basic to accelerated temperature cycling.

Temperature and Humidity testing combined with a small footprint make the MicroClimate chamber the number one choice for testing small components and products.

MicroClimate environmental test chambers are designed with quality in mind. Each unit is carefully constructed with fully welded seams and ports to prolong chamber life. Refrigeration design protects compressors and prolongs life keeping cool during all operating conditions. Refrigeration design uses less power saving operating costs.

Select from your choice of 115V or 230V models for rapid heating & cooling performance. The NEW MC-3-1-1-HAC model now has cooling performance of 5ºC/min.

* Programmable Controller
* RS-232 Computer Interface
* 3″ Access Port
* Demineraliser filter purifies water and electronic humidity sensor provides accuracy and reliability with minimal maintenance on humidity models

• 28l to 80l capacity
• Cascade systems
• -73degC to 190degC temperature range
• Relative humidity option: 10% to 95% RH