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EMA thickness gauge technology devices outclass regular Ultrasonic technology devices, as EMAT is a logical development of the technology.

EMAT Thickness Gauge UT-3M-EMA allows users to solve not only the standard tasks of testing the thickness of metal products, but also to carry out tests in cases where traditional methods, such as piezo-ultrasonic, laser-optical, X-ray, mechanical, etc.

Electromagnetic-acoustic (EMA) technology for measuring thickness is based on the excitation of ultrasonic waves in the material by the generator of the device’s probe, and fixing the path time of ultrasonic waves in the material.


The electromagnetic-acoustic thickness gauge allows user to measure the thickness of metal products with one-way access without using couplant through a substantial gap (up to 6 mm). This significantly reduces the material- and laboriousness of the measurement process.


EMA technology generates waves directly in the material (ferromagnetic and paramagnetic), thus allowing measurements to be carried out under a coating or with a poorly prepared surface, which may not be feasible with traditional methods.


EMAT Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA can be equipped with probes for operation on surfaces heated to a temperature of 600 °C, which makes this device the best, and in some cases, the only possible solution.


A significant advantage over competitors is the range of measured thicknesses. The EMAT Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA allows measuring walls from 0.5 mm to more than 200 mm, depending on the probe used.


EMAT Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA is made in a durable and lightweight metal case. By special order, the thickness gauge can be made in dust and waterproof design (IP65). The thickness gauge is equipped with lithium-ion high-capacity batteries, which allowed for a long battery life. By special order, the battery capacity can be further increased, which will allow user to operate up to 30 hours from a single battery charge.

The advantages:

The UT-3M-EMA allows making measurements through oxidized material, rust, dust, paint and other substances that otherwise should have been removed. Also, there is no need to use a coupling fluid! Combining this advantage with the previous allows to measure even more effectively with the scanner-trolley.

  • Measuring diapason from minimum 0.5 mm to more than 200 mm.
  • Automatically adjusting mode, also manual PEAK-PEAK, FRONT, ECHO and ECHO-ECHO modes. A-Scan and B-Scan are available.
  • Saving measurements and can be connected to the PC in order to export data for analysis.

All of the aforementioned advantages can be expanded even further beyond with the use of our newly-developed High-temperature EMAT probe that withstands temperatures up to 250 Celsius.

EMAT thickness gauge specifications:

Measuring thicknesses range for steel, mm0.5…200.0
Unit Typemm
Discretization, mm0,01
Type of ultrasonic wavetransverse
Manual gain range, dB100
Ultrasound velocity adjustment range, m/s1000-9999
Frequency averaging signal1-128
Operating modesA-scan
Control mode
Calibration mode
Measurement methodsAutocorrelation function (ACF)
Echo Echo (Dual Echo)
Peak peak
Display3.5 inch 320 * 480
Menu LanguageRussian, English
  • ASTM E797
  • ISO 16809:2017
  • EN 14127
  • EN15317
  • EN12668-1
Weight of the electronic unit, not more, kg0.5
Dimensions (L x W x H)165x90x50mm
Power SupplyBuilt-in Li-ion Battery
Time of continuous work, not less than, h8
Operating temperature range for the electronic unit, ° C-20 to +50

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