General Info

The K7500 system represents the ideal platform for mechanical test labs. This controller with its outstanding performance characteristics spans a broad range of applications from simple part and component tests to complex multiple axis installations for simultaneous testing. Extending the controller hardware by adding a workstation (PC) allows users to generate and perform a wide variety of test programs.

As a stand-alone device, the K7500 is deployed primarily to control testing cylinders. In multi-channel operation, however, the K7500 is ideally suited for the simulation of real-time data (e.g. simulation of road surfaces when testing car chassis).

The K7500 servo-controller is equipped with easy-to-operate buttons facilitating the user navigate the menu. A fine-grained dial is provided to enable precise settings, which are indicated on an illuminated LCD display. Individual test settings can be stored in parameter banks and called up as needed.

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