digi test II rotation

by Hylec | November 15, 2013 2:24 pm

The advantages of digi test II rotation:

automatic hardness testing
rotating table with sample holder for various shapes according to customers needs
specification acc. to customer’s requirements is possible
data output – for data processing
clear classification of measuring result corresponding to the specimen

Shore A, B, 0, C, D, 00, 00, 000
Micro Shore A / Micro Shore D, C, D0 / IRHD M, IRHD,


The picture is showing a digi test rotation with
rotating table for up to 25 samples with a max. Ø 29 mm.

Using the example of a sample with Ø 55 mm. For this size,
up to 5 measurements could be carried out on different places
on the sample.

DIN EN ISO 868, DIN ISO 7619, NF EN ISO 868,
ASTM D 2240, BS 903 Part. A 26
DIN ISO 48, NF T 46-003, ASTM D 1415, DIN ISO 27588

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