New pick-up bracket and new electronic unit.
Older test stands and measuring devices can be used with the new pick-up bracket and electronic unit.

Advantages of digi test

Electronic unit provides clear display of measured value, navigation menu and Data Output.
Easy to use with limited operator influence to guarantee accurate and repeatable hardness test results.
Reading in the display gives assistance for the correct selection of the measuring device during your measurement when the measured value is above or below the limit value.
USB-interface for data transfer.
Modular, digital hardness testing system.
Automatic identification of the measuring range and of the measuring time
Integratable in an automatic production process.
Hysteresis function

DIN EN ISO 868, DIN ISO 7619,
NF EN ISO 868,
ASTM D 2240, BS 903 Part. A 26
DIN ISO 48, NF T 46-003, ASTM D 1415,
DIN ISO 27588

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