General Info

Concrete Test Cylinder End Grinder
• Test cylinder diameters: 50, 100, 125, 150mm
• Throughput rate: Approx. 45 cylinders/hr (25Mpa concrete, 100mm dia. cylinders)
• Cycle Time: Approx. 4 minutes for 3 x 100mm dia. cylinders
• Loading and Unloading: Manual
• Grinding cycle: Automatic or Manual
• Grinding disc life: 25,000 – 60,000 cylinders (on 25Mpa concrete)
• Ground surface: Flat within ± 0.05mm, as demanded by AS1012.9
o Typically ~ ± 0.025mm
• Grinding Rate: 1mm/min on automatic or manual feed, based on 100mm dia. cylinders
• Wheel mechanism: Electrically controlled swing arc movement
• Wheel speed: 1800 rpm
• Services required:
o Power: 3ph 415V 0.75kW
o Cooling Water: 2-3lpm
• Weight of machine: 240kg, wheel mounted

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