Custom hydraulic actuator cylinders – custom-tailored for you

The design and production of individual, customer-specific solutions is one of Hänchen’s strong points. Thanks to decades of experience, our wide range of standardized hydraulic actuators, and the many projects we have realised, there is almost no prototype risk for our custom hydraulic cylinders.
With decades of expertise in developing and manufacturing special solutions, our development team is always there for you. Whenever possible, we use minor modifications of our modular standard elements to adapt them to your requirements as cost-effectively as possible. If necessary, we can even develop entirely new solutions for you.

If simple adjustments don’t suffice, we’ll design complete cylinders to suit your requirements. Whether you need cylinders with special damping, for dosing, injection, weight compensation or oscillation. Here you can see some examples for such special solutions.

Custom hydraulic cylinders: possible fields of application are:

  • Machine tools/plastic injection machines
  • Presses
  • Foundries/founding frames
  • Steel mills

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