Hylec’s CORE nanoindentation tester range of compact dedicated test instruments have been engineered to be ideally suited to high-end academic and corporate R&D laboratories whilst their affordability make them an attractive choice for industrial QC Applications.

All instruments in the range feature an intuitive software interface and retain the industry-leading stability that Micro Materials instruments have been known for over the last 25 years.

The CORE Nanoindentation platform combines a wide force range with high thermal stability to accurately measure mechanical properties and produce detailed property maps across surface and depth-profiles.

The CORE Nanoindentation platform is compliant with all international standards for nanoindentation (ISO14577 and ASTM E-2546)

• Test over a wide load range – 10 µN – 500 mN
• Test properties as a function of depth
• Test “coating-only” properties with ISO compliant methods
• Grid mapping of properties across surfaces
• Accurate positioning of indentations
• High stability for longer duration tests such as creep measurements

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