The CORE Microindentation tester system is a dedicated microindenter which uses electromagnetic force application and capacitive depth measurement to measure the elastic and plastic properties of materials on the nanometre and micrometre scale.

The CORE Microindentation system is ideally suited for applications that require reliable and accurate hardness and modulus over a wide length scale. It combines a wide force range (30 N) with very high stability and sensitivity not normally associated with a micro hardness tester.

It is fully compliant with the relevant international standards for microindentation (ISO14577 and ASTM E-2546). The wide force range means that one instrument covers both the Micro (<2 N) and  some of the Macro indentation range defined in the standards.


  • Test over a wide load range – maximum load 30 N
  • Test properties as a function of depth
  • Test “coating-only” properties with ISO compliant methods
  • Grid mapping of properties across surfaces
  • Accurate positioning of indentations
  • High stability for longer duration tests such as creep measurements

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