Vialit Cohesion Pendulum by Cooper CRT-VCP is a testing device to analyse the cohesion of bitumen in road construction. The cohesion is one of the measures of the performance of a bituminous binder. It is important to use binders which have a sufficient level of cohesion according to the level of traffic to be supported. Cohesion has originally been developed for surface dressing however it can be used for any type of binder (pure, modified or fluxed) which is to be used in different types of road applications. Knowledge of cohesion enables the choice of binder type for given traffic and site conditions.

Key Features

  • Automatic security safety catch avoiding pendulum to crash after test impact
  • Incremental angle sensor in combination with a digital display resolution of 0,1°
  • 24 cube and cube holder combinations, which allows an economic production of test samples (included)
  • Efficient safety system in compliance with EC – machinery directive 2006/42/EC which allows comfortable handling with maximum operational reliability
  • Module with built-in RS 232-port (allows the metering of test value via computer, retrofittable by user)
  • Software available for full automation of test

Key Uses

  • Bitumen
  • Bitumen emulsions
  • Flux bitumen

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