Conquest Ground Penetrating Radar

by Hylec | June 3, 2019 3:22 pm

The Conquest ground penetrating radar (GPR) system for carrying out surveys for the following purposes:

Principle of Conquest Ground Penetrating Radar:

The Conquest Ground penetrating radar (acronym for RAdioDetection And Ranging) is analogous to the ultrasonic pulse-echo technique, except that pulses of electromagnetic waves (short radio waves or microwaves) are used instead of stress waves. An antenna that rests on the test surface contains a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter emits a short pulse of low-energy radio waves. The pulse duration depends on the operating frequency of the antenna. The pulse is detected immediately by the receiver side of the antenna. As the pulse penetrates into the test object, a portion is reflected when it encounters an interface with a different material. The reflected pulse is picked up by the receiving side of the antenna and a voltage signal is created. The signal from the receiver is plotted as a function of time (waveform). By convention, the time axis is plotted in the vertical down direction. By multiplying ½ of the round -trip travel time by the propagation speed in the material, the vertical axis is the depth of the reflecting interface or target.

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