Clamping unit Ratio-Clamp®

by Hylec | April 21, 2021 4:35 pm

The clamping unit Ratio-Clamp® is used to securely clamp piston rods and any other rods. It is used as a separate unit or as an attachment to a hydraulic cylinder.

Ratio-Clamp® will continue to clamp during controlled or uncontrolled pressure drops, and even in case of an emergency shutdown or a power failure.
The device can be used for stepless load-holding over unlimited periods of time.

Its purpose is to clamp piston rods safely in place immediately from a standstill – it is not a brake. The clamping unit Ratio-Clamp® operates by the friction force principle.

The respective states – piston rod clamped (locked) or unlocked – can be detected by inductive proximity switches. These can be chosen directly in the electronic catalogue or installed at a later date.

A functional control system with an automatic sequence can be implemented by the use of a control block[1].

Overview of Ratio-Clamp® equipment

Releasing pressureBasic design
Reduced design
Sealing systemServocop®: compact seal, lip seal, wiper ring
Pressure piston seal, lip seal, wiper ring
CertificationTÜV certification
DGUV certification test

Mounting Clamping unit Ratio-Clamp®

All types of clamping unit Ratio-Clamp® can be installed on hydraulic cylinders. For this purpose, the piston rod of the cylinder has to be lengthened depending on the length of the clamping device.

Technical data

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