Burst Strength Tester BT-10 model for paper and corrugated board ‘mullen type’

General Info

To determine the bursting strength of Paper and Corrugated Board ‘mullen type’

Tests are made by means of applying hydraulic pressure (glycerine hydraulic liquid) to the sample by a natural rubber membrane. The maximum pressure reached at the breaking moment of the sample is displayed in the Ultralight PC color monitor (digital and Graphic mode).

After placing the sample in its test position, press the test button in the LYNX software. The acrylic protection screen will go down followed by the pneumatic clamping device to support the sample.. The hydraulic pressure will begin to apply underneath the sample automatically. When the sample breaks, the hydraulic cylinder will automatically stop and reverse the movement, until it arrives to its initial test position. The pressure at which the sample breaks will be captured by the LYNX software.

The protection screen and the sample support will be automatically open, leaving the equipment ready for next sample test.

The new model performs burst tests in both PAPER, as well as CORRUGATED BOARD. The rubber membrane is put in place and the pumping speed specified by the according standard is automatically selected on the front panel.* CORRUGATED BOARD = 170 +/- 15 ml / min

* PAPER = 95 +/- 5 ml / min

Standard Features

  • 15” laptop PC interface – for Data Acquisition and Control
  • LYNX Burst Test Programme
  • Statistics: Min/Max, Average and Standard Deviation
  • Save – Print – Copy to Office Clipboard…
  • Direct Reading in kPa – Kg/cm2 – Bar & PSI
  • USB interface f/connection to a PC
  • Improve Your Quality System to ISO 9000
  • Eliminates Human Error
  • Languages: (English – Spanish – German and French)
  • Measurement ranges: (f/ PAPER: from 0 to 1500 kPa & f/BOARD: from 200 to 5.000 kPa)
  • Security System of operation included
  • Pneumatic Clamping System
  • Constant Pressure Clamping
  • Acrylic protection screen (for test area)

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