Hylec supplies a cost-effective, customised heavy-duty, concrete compression machine well suited to small concrete testing laboratories.

This machine has a rigid wall type welded frame with little vertical deflection and good lateral stability. The frame components are manufactured using CNC machines, precision jigs and robot welders to ensure a frame with a more accurate alignment of cylinder and upper spherical bearing, than is possible with a manually machined and welded frame.


Product features:

  • A precision cylinder
  • Low friction long-life seals
  • An upper oil-filled double ball seat
  • Auto tare at the start of each test to eliminate measurement drift
  • Passes the European stability test and meets Australian safety standards
  • Provides 1% accuracy from 30kN to 3MN
  • A programmable pull-back at the end of each test for minimum cycle time
  • Optional: load frame can be supplied with lower platen bolted to the piston to prevent the ingress of dirt between spacers or platen

This instrument uses a high-pressure, long-life piston pump driven by a standard AC motor and vector controller to achieve loading rates with an accuracy of 5% between 0.5 and 15 kN/sec.

Hylec’s Concrete Compression Test Machine includes a separate console housing the hydraulics and controls. The controller can be connected to a computer network via Ethernet or USB.

It is now possible for small concrete testing laboratories to achieve the same testing accuracy and repeatability as achieved by large laboratories using Hylec’s precision 4 column Machines.

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