To determine quickly and accurately the 4-Point Bending Stiffness on standardized samples of Corrugated Board according to the International Standard ISO 5628

NOW, with 15″ Laptop PC + LYNX Testing Software   + LYNX  Management Module with basic statistics, included

The Bending Stiffness is the ratio between the bending moment applied to astandard sample according to ISO 5628 and the deflection with in the elastic area. The Bending Stiffness of Corrugated Boards of great importance to achieve a great stacking strength and BCT in the boxes.What primarily determine this Bending Stiffness are the mixture of the corrugated board thickness and the tensile strength of the liner papers.

The 4-PF-50 model 4 POINT BENDING STIFFNESS TESTER allows to:

  • Measure the maximum force in Nm
  • Determine the quality and the performance of the
    corrugated board used in the process.
  • Perform Quality Control, Development and Innovations.
Standard Features
  • 15″ Laptop PC (data acquisition and control)
  • LYNX Testing software – basic level
  • LYNX  Management Module with basic statistics
  • Robust and highly accurate
  • Load Cell 500 N force capacity
  • Memory of the maximum values
  • Quick return to initial start position
  • With additional grips it is possible to make tests of : Separation glued lines – Bending – Static & Dynamic Friction Coefficients – Tension, Compression, and more…
  • Compatible with Quality Test Management LYNX Plus and Pro System

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