AVM-15/3 PS fully Automatic Setting Behaviour Measuring System

Fully automatic Vicat-measuring-system
Technical features:

  • Samples with different bonding times can be measured
    • Up to 15 samples can be measured at the same time
  • Designed for bonding times between 7 minutes and 48 hours
  • Individual test methods for each sample
  • Measurement carried out with a cone or needle
  • Fully automatic cleaning of cone or needle
  • Automatically test three different loads (i.e. 100g, 300g, and 1000g)
  • Provision of Profimess software
  • Universal software for all measurement systems
  • Accurate and immediate comparison of measurement results (Vicat)
  • Accurate results via intervals and interpolation
  • Graphical representation for each sample tested
  • Alarm system with over – or – underflow tolerance warnings
  • Dimensions
    • 800mm (L) x 1050mm (W) x 1750mm (2300mm) (H)
  • Flexible system solutions for different applications can be adapted to customer’s requests
  • 2 load standalone, desktop model, and temper baths also available

Why choose Hylec’s Vicat Measuring System?

  • Products with different bonding times are measurable at the same time
  • Measuring outside of working hours possible
  • Precisely, immediately comparable measuring results (Vicat e.g.:DIN1168, EN13279-2, prEN 460-2, ASTM C191)
  • Exact measuring results by dynamic intervals and interpolation
  • Simple, waterless installation
  • Adjustable acoustic alarm with over- or underflow of the tolerance
  • Fully automatic cleaning of cone and needle
  • Automatic error detection in the proof mass
  • PC-system & software

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