The Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test (TSRST) is used to determine the low temperature cracking susceptibility of asphalt concrete.

Now as a multi-purpose low-temperature testing machine, the TSRST has been renamed the

Asphalt Pavement Thermal Testing System (APTTS).

Key Features

  • Cool or heat an asphaltic concrete specimen at a constant temperature
  • Simulate actual field conditions with user programmable temperature profiles
  • Perform cyclic temperature testing
  • Minimises radial and/or transverse forces with dual clevis and rod end assemblies

Key Uses

  • Determines the failure characteristics of Asphaltic Concrete (AC) specimens when cooled below freezing according to a user defined temperature profile
  • Evaluates low temperature performance of field cores from existing roads
  • Test laboratory compacted cores of new or experimental mixes
  • Demonstrates the effects on low temperature performance of modified binders and from adding modified to standard binders

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