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Temperature Humidity Vibration Chambers

Our AV-Series AGREE Vibration chambers offer rapid temperature change rates to reduce product development time and improve product reliability. These chambers are available for temperature & vibration testing or temperature, humidity and vibration. All models are designed for compatibility with your choice of electrodynamic or mechanical vibration systems. Dual purpose chambers may be used as a vibration chamber or as temperature cycling chambers without vibration utilizing a solid floor plug.

The AV-Series AGREE models have the optional capability to interface with vibration systems in both the horizontal and vertical modes of operation. While each model is manufactured to standard designs, they may also be customized with added features such as two-sided doors, vertical lift for height adjustment, rear sliding door and more.

These chambers can meet a variety of MIL-STD, ASTM, JEDEC, Telcordia and other test standards.

  • Dual purpose for greater ROI
  • Flexible design & use with existing vibration shaker
  • Simulates up to three environments in one chamber
  • Fast change rates for accelerated stress testing
Size14 to 144 cu. ft. (397L to 4,078L)
Custom Sizes are Available
Temperature RangesSingle Stage: -34°C to +190°C (-30°F to +375°F)
Tundra® Range: -45°C to +190°C (-50°F to +375°F)
Tundra® II Range: -50°C to +190°C (-58°F to +375°F)
Cascade: -70°C to +190°C (-94°F to +375°F)
Optional Humidity Range10% to 95% RH

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