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Team Corporation’s unique Four Posters are designed specifically for full vehicle testing. Featuring low-profile, low-noise actuators equipped with hydrostatic bearings, Team Four Posters are ideally suited to end-of-line and development testing applications. The compact actuators modules are ideal for smaller laboratories.

Available in a range of load capacities suitable for passenger cars through light trucks, Team’s Four Posters are as flexible as they are economical. When not in use under a vehicle, each actuator module can be used as a stand-alone vertical vibration test system.

Options like automatic track and wheelbase adjustment, load biasing, and a variety of control options further enhance the productivity of the systems.
* Configurations for passenger cars and light trucks.
* Low-profile actuator design.
* Hydrostatic bearings for high moment capacity and long life.
* Numerous control configurations.
* Each actuator’s motion is independently controlled.

* Squeak & Rattle testing of full vehicles.
* End-of-line Squeak & Rattle testing.
* Reproduction of test track data.
* Vehicle durability testing.

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