24 KHZ Ultrasonic Transducer typically used for mass concrete, large wood members and other coarse grained construction materials.

Ultrasonic transducer is designed for rugged use on construction sites and similar outdoor environments.This transducer is built to both send and receive ultrasonic waves and convert them to a voltage output. Used for concrete analysis on mix designs with coarse aggregates above 37mm.


  • Two units are required for proper operation
  • Material to be tested should have a surface area larger than the diameter of the transducer
  • Used to test coarse grained materials such as bulk concrete pours,large wood elements and other large structural objects
  • 24 kHz Transducer


-For concrete (coarse aggregate, softball sized) and large objects.

24 KHZ Ultrasonic Transducer Specifications:

  • Weight: 1189g/ 2.62lbs
  • Case Dimensions Diameter- 50mm x Length 125mm (1.97″ x 4.9″)
  • Housing Stainless Steel Ruggedized
  • Element Piezo electric ceramic
  • Frequency 24 kHz Center
  • Operating Temperature -10 to 40 C
  • Excitation Typically HV 1000volts @ 5uS LV 600volts @ 5uS

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