180 KHZ Shear Wave Transducer

Ultrasonic transducer is designed for rugged use on construction sites and similar outdoor environments.This transducer is built to both send and receive ultrasonic waves and convert them to a voltage output.


  • Two Shear Wave Transducers units are required for proper operation
  • Line the flat face of each transducer so that the internal polarized crystals are in alignment
  • Material to be tested should have a surface area larger than the diameter of the transducer, ie. at least 50mm wide
  • These Transducers should be used on the same surface on material to be tested, ie. in indirect mode
  • Used to test coarse grained materials such as concrete pours, rock, other large structural objects as well as core samples.
  • 180 kHz Shear Wave Transducer


  • Finding non-homogeneous conditions of a surface
  • Used for concrete, wood, rock (small samples only)

Shear Wave Transducer Specification:

  • Weight: 417g/ 0.92lbs
  • Case Dimensions Diameter- 50mm x Length 60mm (1.97″ x 2.33″)
  • Housing Stainless Steel Ruggedized
  • Element Piezo electric ceramic
  • Frequency 180 kHz Center
  • Operating Temperature -10 to 40 C
  • Excitation Typically HV 1000volts @ 5uS LV 600volts @ 5uS
  • Other Features Side Connectors to Facilitate Applying Pressure to Transducer Face in the Field

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