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Product News Archives - Page 2 of 2 - Hylec

Product News Archives - Page 2 of 2 - Hylec

Concrete Strength Measurement on Construction Sites

The Concreting Services industry is integral to the construction of most types of buildings and structures. Industry contractors pour, lay, place and shape concrete to form foundations, roads, structures and panels. The industry is one of the largest in the Construction Services subdivision, and it is a common requirement on Construction sites to measure the .. read more

Resource-consuming Measurements on Growth Drilling Cores CAN be Replaced

Determining the Density of Timber and Living Trees Injured Trees Did you know when a tree is injured, the wound never heals? Instead, the tree compartmentalizes the wound by walling it off with chemicals. Knots in lumber are enclosed-off tree wounds. They are dark because the area is lifeless: Water and minerals cannot move through .. read more

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Telegraph Poles attacked by soft rot? We have the wood density tester for you.

Pilodyn makes it possible to assess the extent of decay objectively and to determine the amount of strength loss it has caused, a matter of special importance with telegraph poles. The test consists in injecting a spring-loaded steel striker pin into the wood. A scale on the instrument gives the depth of penetration. Pilodyn makes .. read more

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ETS Electrodynamic Shakers

ETS Solutions is a major Chinese manufacturer of electrodynamic shakers with Chinese, US and European shareholders who are all from the field of environmental testing.   ETS’s main markets are China, Europe and the US. ETS manufactures a full range of shakers from 1kgF to 35,000kgF and a range of high efficiency amplifiers from 1kW to .. read more

Auto Pull-Off Testing satisfying the European and U.S. test standards

LBG’s automatic tensile test machine which can measure the pull-off force of a specified plate glued to building materials such as concrete, tiles and laminates.  This enables the tensile strength of concrete or adhesives to be measured. The strength readings can vary with the rate of loading.  This machine uses feed-back control to apply the .. read more

Hydrostatic and Burst Testing Machine

The Wance Type A hydrostatic and burst testing machine is specifically used for time-to-failure tests of plastic pipes under constant internal pressure. This machine is also used for short-time hydraulic pressure testing of plastic pipes, tubing, and fittings. Max pressure: 10Mpa, 16Mpa, 20Mpa and 30Mpa Features: Leakage test Rupture identification Overpressure protection No-water protection Automatic .. read more

T-Series Freezers and Chilling Chambers

Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s Chilling Chambers are premier, ultra-low temperature industrial freezers. Designed with heavy-duty construction, these units are built-to-last for years of trouble-free operation. These chambers are primarily used for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, martensiting, dimensional stabilisation, and other heavy-duty industrial cooling applications. Features & Benefits Heavy duty, built-to-last construction for long life. (CSZ has .. read more

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