Test sample moulds for 1-day concrete

test sample moulds

TEST SAMPLE MOULDS: One of Australia’s largest concrete companies has further committed to the use of Hylec’s insulated plastic moulds for the testing of 1-day concrete test samples. These test sample moulds keep samples warm in the winter and cold in the summer, just like the storage tanks in the lab.

These lightweight single piece moulds have now been used for several years in Australia while maintaining their shape and with no wear to the base which has a stainless-steel insert. The moulds offer simple extraction of the sample and easy cleaning and are available with a detachable carry handle.

The most common use of these moulds is for 1-day testing of concrete samples prior to post tensioning.

Hylec Controls is Australia’s quality test equipment supplier and experts in system integration since 1979.

To enquire, simply email sales@hyleccontrols.com.au

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