Hylec and the Mining Industry

‘Hylec’s relationship with the Mining industry extends over 40 years where we initially used our expertise in instrumentation process and servo control to offer control systems to interface between mechanically operated pieces of equipment and mining companies main, fairly basic, process-controlled computers.


Typical equipment controlled by Hylec included; conveyors, apron feeders, crushers, de-watering systems and slurry pipe lines. These pieces of equipment generally are hydraulically-driven’.

Graeme Campbell, Managing Director

Mining Test Equipment: As the main process computers became more intelligent and took over the functions previously provided by Hylec, we transitioned into the supply of specialised equipment to the Mining industry. This includes the supply of; electro-hydraulic servo and proportional valves, servo actuators and multi-actuator test systems, bench and portable hardness testers for metals and rubber and metallographic and mineralographic polishers, hydro-static pipe test machines mainly for plastic pipes, tensile test machines for metals, corrosion and environmental test machines, industrial freezers for the shrink fitting of bearings, construction materials test machines including compression and flex test machines for concrete, concrete sample end face grinding machines, a range of torque, force and position transducers. Hylec’s range of quality equipment provides reliable and accurate control well-suited to the Mining industry.
Other specialised pieces of equipment include; nano-testers well suited to studying tribology and very thin surface coatings and the physical properties of core chip samples.
Another service provided to the mining industry is the upgrading and refurbishment of existing test machines.

Constant retardation conveyor breaking systemBenchtop and portable hardness testers
Apron feeders / speed control / synchronised with crushersTensile test machines
Centrifuge speed controlsHydrostatic test machines for plastic pipes
Coal sampler speed controlIndustrial freezer for shrink fitting of bearings
Slurry pipeline velocity controlServo and proportional valves for mining and oil industries
Position, force and torque transducers
Compression machines for rock and concrete
End-face grinders for rock and concrete test samples
Mineralographic or metallographic polishers
Moisture meters
Ultra-sonic pulse velocity meters for determination of material properties

Mining Test Equipment

Hylec Controls is an Australian owned and managed company based in Auburn, Sydney. Founded in 1979, Hylec Controls is dedicated to providing a wide range of controlled test systems across a broad variety of industries. We employ a number of engineers and technicians who carry our commissioning, installation, and repair work as well as regular maintenance to supplied equipment.

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