Insulated plastic concrete test sample moulds

Hylec offers insulated plastic concrete test sample moulds that keep the sample warm in winter and cool in summer. This means 24-hour test samples are stronger in the winter and weaker in the summer. In winter, testing does not have to be delayed to allow the sample to reach the required strength and post tensioning and construction does not have to be delayed.

In summer 24-hour test sample strengths will be less, meaning that no correction to expected slab strength will be necessary and post tensioning can be carried out confident that the slab is of required strength.

These long-life, light-weight moulds come with an insulated lid, are easy to strip and clean and offer advantages over steel moulds for all types of samples.

The Concreting Services industry is integral to the construction of most types of buildings and structures. Industry contractors pour, lay, place and shape concrete to form foundations, roads, structures and panels. The industry is one of the largest in the Construction Services subdivision, and it is a common requirement on Construction sites to measure the strength of the concrete.

Hylec Controls is Australia’s quality test equipment supplier and experts in system integration since 1979.


This is accomplished by taking samples from the concrete being poured and casting them in a 100mm diameter sample mould. After 24-hours the samples are removed from the mould and stored in water until set. Then after a specified time, the samples are removed and to ensure the top-end-face is flat, which is done (most conveniently) by grinding prior to the sample being tested – using a compression test machine. Alternatively the tensile strength of the concrete is measured by casting beams and testing these in a flexural test machine.


Hylec offers industry-proven, single-piece, plastic moulds for making the samples which are light, dimensionally stable and from which sample removal is made easy – prior to curing in water.


For sample grinding, Hylec offers the Marui Concrete Grinder which is well-proven in the Australasian market for its reliability. This concrete cylinder end grinder suits all types of cylinders between 100mm and 150mm in diameter and with optional fixtures down to 50mm. Hylec also offers a recirculating water supply system for use with this grinder.


For compression testing, Hylec offers a premium fully-automatic 4-column or welded frame compression machine rated at 3mN with double-ball-seat that meets the most demanding European test standards and is found to be highly reliably under Australian conditions. Suitable for testing both high and low strength concrete. Also available is a combined flex and compression machine or a separate flex frame.

Hylec also makes it possible for small concrete testing laboratories to achieve the same testing accuracy and repeatability as achieved by large laboratories using Hylec’s precision 4 column Machines.


The Marui Concrete Grinder can be supplied by Hylec Controls complete with a water recirculation system. Their latest model water recirculation and solids separation system for Marui concrete end sample grinder saving you; time, water and money.


Hylec has developed a preventive maintenance and refurbishment program that has tripled the life of Marui Concrete Test Cylinder End Face Grinders to over a million samples.

Hylec’s program includes recommended maintenance procedures which are carried out by the customer and scheduled machine refurbishment by Hylec prior to the loss of machine grinding accuracy or reliability.

The complete concrete testing machines can be installed either in a fixed or portable lab or could be mounted on a skid for movement between sites

To enquire, contact Hylec Controls.

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