Automatic Vickers Knoop Hardness Tester

Making soft readings a thing of the past

This latest, fully-automatic closed-loop hardness tester can satisfy the two major uses of hardness testers, namely process control or research & development.

The hardness tester comes with software that focuses on fast and simple operation for less-experienced operators, while still offering a high-feature set and flexibility required by expert users.

Once the test is set up any operator can run a series of indents with a minimum number of clicks.

The machine has high speed operation with four clicks for set-up, less than 5 seconds from auto-focus to measure, enabling the machine to perform up to 150 indents per hour. The latest system comes with a really useful feature of collision detection which prevents the indenter or objective damage by detecting unintended obstructions in the test path and stopping the test.

This is of great benefit to the operators by reducing downtime and maintenance costs caused by collisions. Other features include auto-illumination, auto-focus and auto-measurement which provides repeatable image, brightness and contrast and repeatable sharpness – resulting in repeatable results.

The closed-loop system uses the load cell for force measurement and a servo motor and electro-mechanical drive for loading. This system prevents overshoot during indentation and, as is well known for this type of machine, gives three to five times the accuracy and reproducibility of a dead weight system – and is not subject to the effects of friction or wear and tear.

The machine is available with a range of loads from 10 grams to 50 kilograms and a selection of X/Y tables and frame sizes to suit a large variety of test samples. The closed loop also includes overshoot protection so that any external influences that cause inaccurate readings are detected and the test is aborted. This makes soft readings a thing of the past.
The optics include an overview camera and photo-stitching ability. This allows easy navigation over the entire specimen and accurate positioning of indents.

The software allows patterns to be created with great precision and the results to be verified with ‘preview’ and an image-overlay feature allows the operator to see where the indents will be made before the actual process takes place.

In summary this machine provides the greatest flexibility for both R&D and process control, giving a high-speed, cost-effective machine that can be used without expensive operator-training being required.

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Automatic Vickers Knoop Hardness Tester

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