3-years of testing and development to create an alternative to conventional steel moulds

Hylec supplies plastic moulds for casting concrete test cylinders, as an alternative to conventional steel moulds.

An advantage of these moulds is that the lid and mould, being plastic, insulate the sample against the effects of hot and cold weather. In cold weather, tests show that sample strength using plastic moulds is higher by several MPa at 1-10 days but with no detectable difference at 28 days. And in hot weather, sample strength is lower and more closely matches that of the in situ concrete. This is particularly valuable for post tensioning or removal of formwork, as the highest sample strength in the winter speeds up construction; and the lower sample strength in the summer ensures that construction only proceeds when it is safe to do so.

Another advantage of these moulds is that they weigh less than 1.5 kg each compared to 4.5 kg for a steel mould. 2-4 samples can be safely carried by test personnel and cleaning using an organic acid spray and cloth means half the time required to clean steel moulds.

Mould Features:

  • Detachable carry handle
  • Stackable with interlocking cap and base
    • A rigid plastic, detachable lid prevents samples drying out
    • Include a stainless steel base insert flat to 20 microns to prevent damage from rodding
    • More accurate than alternatives as mould diameter is between 99.8mm and 100mm
    • The base includes an outer steel plate to enable the mould to be used with a mechanical vibrator with magnetic clamping

In operation the mould inner surfaces are coated with oil prior to casting of the sample to ensure easy removal of the sample by applying air pressure to the hole in the base.  Water can also be used for sample ejection.

The life of these plastic moulds has been found to be more than 5 years under the severe conditions. To enquire, simply email sales@hyleccontrols.com.au.

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