Modern methods for testing the integrity of packaging products & materials

There has been a shift occurring in the industry, with Australian manufacturing becoming progressively focused on priority sectors. Additionally, business focus is increasingly on high value, high quality products as the key competitive differentiator, particularly in the international market. 

It is a requirement of most consumer product manufacturers to ensure the integrity of their packaging so that the product is not subject to environmental damage and contamination, or damage due to transportation.

Whether manufacturers are changing a material in their device packaging, looking for ways to cut costs, considering green alternatives, or simply launching a new device with new packaging products and materials:

  • friction and peel testers determine the static and kinetic co-efficiency of various film, sheeting, paper and cardboard. These machines can also be used for the tensile testing of films and packing tapes
  • compression test machines are used to determine the strength of corrugated fibre-board, containers and cartons
  • torque testing machines are used to determine the force required to unscrew caps and lids
  • vibration testers are used to evaluate the damage to containers, cartons and the contents caused by transportation
  • oxygen and water vapour testers are used to determine the permeability of various types of films and containers. Poor permeability results in the spoiling of the product
  • All of these computerised machines can be connected to a Lims system for the convenient storage dissemination and retrieval of data

Hylec offers a range of packaging test machines to suit everything from a a packet of ibuprofen to a pallet of beer.

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