Hylec Controls offers the solution to improve test rig performance

Hylec is a company that was founded on the business of supplying and repairing electro hydraulic servo valves and the design and manufacture of servo actuators and servo hydraulic test systems.

Typically, customers to Hylec include; metal component manufacturers, universities, research and development, Defence & Aerospace, the automotive industry as well as hospitals for testing artificial joints.

Hylec is the agent for several brands of servo valves and can repair most brands of servo valves and can supply replacements for both existing and discontinued servo valve brands and models.

Hylec also supplies the complete range of servo actuators from the highest performance hydrodynamic bearings where side load is not a problem types that have no seals, lower performance types with low friction Teflon composition seals and bearings and simpler single-rodded actuators also with low friction seals and bearings.

Complementing our servo valve repair business, Hylec can also test and refurbish and re-service most brands of servo actuators including those with hydrostatic bearings, polyamide coated piston surface and internal surfaces of head.

Hylec can measure actuator friction and piston and head leakage and refurbish worn parts such as:

  • Stripping, re-chroming and grinding piston rods
  • honing barrels
  • replacing seals and bearings
  • re-coating the wearing surfaces with polyamide

Because of technical advances in seals and bearings, in many cases we can refurbish an actuator to give better performance than the original. As part of this surface we can also check that the performance of the position transducer and replace if faulty.

Load cells can also be sent out for re-calibration if required.

Servo valves are checked independently on our test rig and repaired or replaced if necessary.

Actuators normally require a service either because the servo valve is faulty, or because of excessive wear to the piston rod due to lack of lubrication, dirty oil or pick-up of dust on the rod.

This service matches that provided by the original manufacturer and being performed locally is often cheaper and quicker than sending overseas.

Refurbishing an old actuator to ‘as new’ condition is often less than a third of the price of the purchase of a new one.

Hylec also supplies the latest digital controls systems for servo actuators which offer many features not available with older analogue or digital systems.

It is now possible for small testing laboratories to achieve the same testing accuracy and repeatability as achieved by large laboratories using Hylec’s Servo hydraulic actuators. To enquire, simply email sales@hyleccontrols.com.au.

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