Digital Vibration Controllers

Modern digital controllers are used to control either electro-dynamic or electro-hydraulic shakers for the vibration testing of products ranging from; electronic components, cars and automotive components, medical and defence equipment and packaged equipment (from cosmetics to pallets of beer).

To test under real life conditions, modern vibration controllers can reproduce the vibration wave forms found in the field or can apply vibration wave forms specified in various standards.

Common tests include; sign random and shock-wave forms, time history replay plus various other special wave forms including sign on random and SRS.

These controllers allow a shaker to accurately reproduce vibration found in the field so that products and packaging can be improved to prevent the failure of the products due to vibration.

The Chinese University in Hangzhou has lead in the study of vibration and the software needed to run vibration controllers. Many of the vibration controllers in both the U.S. and Asia can trace their origins back to this university.

Dynatronics is one such company that is represented by Hylec Controls and offer a simple, cost-effective 2-channel controller with the features described above. They also offer a more complex controller with up to 8-inputs and many other software packages. This controller can also be daisy-chained to give at least 32-inputs. These controllers feature 24-bit input and connect to PC via Ethernet.

These controllers make it economical to upgrade existing shakers to perform all the modern vibration tests.

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