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Determining the Density of Trees & Timber with

Hylec’s wood density tester

Injured Trees

Did you know when a tree is injured, the wound never heals? Instead, the tree compartmentalizes the wound by walling it off with chemicals. Knots in lumber are enclosed-off tree wounds. They are dark because the area is lifeless:

  • Water and minerals cannot move through this enclosed-off area. When wounds are compartmentalized, areas of wood with stored food, or where food would have would been stored, are also walled off
  • The process of walling off wounds takes energy away from tree growth and from a trees defence against insects and diseases. It eventually reduces the amount of stored food a tree has to draw from, especially during times of stress

Pilodyn makes it possible to determine the density of the timber and living trees by testing living trees with the PILODYN wood density tester for a rapid, non-destructive method.

Two to four measurements taken at breast height on the tree supply reliable figures for the density of the tree as a whole.

Examples of Application

  • When thinning forest plantations, stems with unacceptable wood density can be eliminated
  • Early detection of disease By taking periodical measurements on predetermined trees at comparatively long intervals, any unnatural changes in wood density can be notes
  • This rapid method, which leaves the trees unharmed, makes it possible to carry out large scale studies on statistically representative numbers of trees
  • Comparisons of density evolution as a function of climate, elevation, topographic and soil characteristics. Determination of optimum locations for a given tree species
  • Testing of cut timber and sorting into timber classes

Testing of Trees

When a test is carried out, a special striker pin is shot into the timber by a spring and penetrates to varying depth, depending on the density of the timber. A scale shows the penetration depth. The correlation between penetration depth and timber density has been demonstrated at a number of forestry stations. With clones of the common pine, for example, the very high correlation factor of r= -0.96 has been achieved.

PILODYN wood density meter tester range, available from Hylec Controls, was developed to determine the density and strength of dead and living wood. The density of living trees can now be determined in a non-destructive way.

Hylec Controls is Pilodyn wood density tester supplier in Australia and New Zealand and has over 40 years’ experience in the sale and commissioning of new test machines and in the modernisation of existing machines. To enquire, simply email

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