ETS Electrodynamic Shakers

ETS Solutions is a major Chinese manufacturer of electrodynamic shakers with Chinese, US and European shareholders who are all from the field of environmental testing.   ETS’s main markets are China, Europe and the US.

ETS manufactures a full range of shakers from 1kgF to 35,000kgF and a range of high efficiency amplifiers from 1kW to 300kW. These amplifiers can also be used to modernise older style shaker systems.

ETS shakers can test products from the smallest medical device to the largest TV screen or aerospace component.

They also offer a full range of slip tables and head expanders and a recently introduced range of multi axis shaker systems and shock test systems. ETS environmental chambers can be used with their shakers for testing with vibration, temperature and humidity.

Appropriate vibration controllers can be offered to enable these shakers to perform all current modes of vibration testing.

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