T-Series Freezers and Chilling Chambers

Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s Chilling Chambers are premier, ultra-low temperature industrial freezers. Designed with heavy-duty construction, these units are built-to-last for years of trouble-free operation. These chambers are primarily used for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, martensiting, dimensional stabilisation, and other heavy-duty industrial cooling applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty, built-to-last construction for long life. (CSZ has fully operational freezers in the field that are 30+ years old)
  • Trouble Free operation saves maintenance costs
  • Thick foam insulation for continuous operation and reduced operating costs
  • Oil tight switches extend the life of electronics refrigeration
  • Gas spring or pneumatic easy-to-open lids
  • Fast and efficient cooling with zero ozone depletion refrigerants
  • Freezer construction and refrigeration systems hold up in harsh heat treat environments
  • High Volume Air Circulation provides uniform cooling (T & TF-Series)

Hylec have installed a large TL60 unit at Falk Australia in Broadmeadow NSW. This is currently being used for the shrink fitting of large mechanical components. The chamber is filled with a non-toxic-natural coolant liquid that allows rapid cooling and a fast production rate. This may be used in conjunction with a hot oil bath where greater interference fits are required. These units are often used in the Mining and Mobile Equipment Industries.

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