Himmelstein Bearingless Torque Transducers

The flange configuration of Himmelstein Bearingless Torque Transducers makes them ideal for applications where limited space is available for the installation of a torque transducer.

Himmelstein Bearingless Torque Transducer

The Himmelstein Bearingless Torque Transducers’ ability to accommodate large misalignments between the rotor and stator and to tolerate mating metal components in close proximity separates them from similar competitive offerings.

They also offer the highest mechanical overload and electrical over-range eliminating the need to compromise accuracy for safety. Additional characteristics include an extremely stiff torsional element and high dynamic response with 3kHz bandwidth.

  • 0.05% Accuracy
  • 200% and 400% overload
  • No hoops or calipers
  • Insensitive to nearby metal
  • No manual adjustments
  • Analogue output
  • Digital Output with Temperature
  • FM output
  • 10 units of measure
  • 11 Bessel Data Filters
  • Max/Min’s updated at 20kHz
  • Interface software Furnished
  • Zero Velocity pickup option

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