TEAM Corporation TENSOR Multi-Axis Vibration Test System

TENSOR Multi-Axis Vibration Test System

The TE6-900 TENSOR Multi-Axis Vibration Test System is a fully contained multi-axis vibration test system capable of precise control of all six degrees of freedom through a 5kHz bandwidth.

 The system can reproduce real world vibration environments, by simultaneously exciting all three linear translations as well as all three rotations, to a frequency level never before achieved.

This unprecedented performance has been made possible through the use of Team Corporation’s expertise in hydrostatic bearing design and multi-axis system engineering.

By coupling electrodynamic shakers to the moving element with hydrostatic bearings, the  TENSOR has the performance to produce true multi-axis excitation to frequency levels previously attainable only in a single axis.

The TE6-900 uses dynamic control of all six degrees of freedom to precisely reproduce the desired response, from 10 Hz through 5kHz. This also minimises the moving mass of the table, which results in a more efficient use of available shaker power. The unique arrangement of shakers around and under the moving table facilities dynamic control of mode shapes resulting in better control.

This feature offers unparalled control precision, taking advantage of the sophisticated algorithms that form the basis of contemporary test controller software.

  • Features
  • Frequency 10-5,000 Hz
  • Simultaneous or sequential excitation of X,Y and/or Z axes.
  • Complete control of rotations around all axes.
  • Bandwidth from 10 through 5kHz
  • 20 Grms on nominal payload
  • Fully contained system (electrical power only requirement)

To enquire on the TENSOR Multi-Axis Vibration Test System, contact the team at Hylec.

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