LBG – Penetrometers

To determine the consistency of wet mortar, or other similar materials, LBG has recently released two automatic penetrometers which can measure the penetration force of a specified needle into this material. Both models use a single electromechanical control system to ensure that the needle penetrates the mortar at a fixed speed. The needles have an .. read more

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Rockwell Hardness Tester 574T

The Rockwell 574T Hardness Tester is a proven and reliable deadweight testing instrument. This system is capable of testing in all of the regular Rockwell hardness scales (60, 100, and 150 kgf major test forces), all superficial Rockwell hardness scales (15, 30, and 45 kgf), and can accommodate a wide variety of applications. The Rockwell .. read more

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TEAM Corporation TENSOR Multi-Axis Vibration Test System

The TE6-900 is a fully contained multi-axis vibration test system capable of precise control of all six degrees of freedom through a 5kHz bandwidth. The system can reproduce real world vibration environments, by simultaneously exciting all three linear translations as well as all three rotations, to a frequency level never before achieved. This unprecedented performance .. read more

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Ford – Multi Axis Servo Hydraulic Test Rig

The highest category prize in the 2009 inaugural Ford APA (Asia-Pacific and Africa) Engineering Technical Excellence Awards was won by Ford Australia’s multi axis servo-hydraulic light truck durability test rig, because of its many unique features. The rig was designed to perform durability simulations on the frames, bodies, body mounting systems and load boxes of .. read more

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